Micropigmentation and Microblading – Foundation Class

At Liquid Beauty FX we take pride into the private and semi-private training that we offer both to
professionals in the beauty industry and to professionals that are eager to set foot in an ever growing and
changing field. Classes are purposely kept small with 1 or 2 students maximum per class because we are
determined to keep our student’s high performance and hand-on training from day 1.

The Micropigmentation and Microblading course covers all standard procedures for eyeliner, eyebrows and lips
plus a rigorous instruction on color theory and mixing, practicing sterilization guidelines and cross
contamination control as in force by our local and international authorities. The use of machines and various
operating implements is covered plus portfolio building, client in-take forms and aftercare instructions.

Each of the three-day training closes with a thorough review of the material previously covered as well as the
instructor will go over any concerns that the student might have. Homework could be give to ensure that the
proper technique is learned in the scheduled time.

Don’t wait! We offer flexible and customized classes to fit your schedule and needs.

Get ready for hands-on training each day so you can practice the material learned and you get comfortable for
doing services on your live model.
We firmly believe that the success of all the classes that we have taught
throughout the years relies in the fact that we’ve kept very small classes and having one instructor working side by
side with the student builds confidence and produces great professionals.

Micropigmentation and Microblading Class Curriculum

Day 1
•        Introduction to permanent makeup
•        Sanitation regulations by Health Canada and your local Health Inspector part I
•        Color Theory and Pigments – The difference between pigment and ink
•        Skin Tone, color selection and color mix
•        Skin Structure – The different layers of the skin
•        Anesthetics for Permanent Makeup
•        Eyebrow Design and Measurement
•        Eyeliner Styles
•        Lips: outlining, enlarging, reducing
•        Topical Anesthetics Application – Gel and Cream
•        Needle Usage for Eyebrows, lips, eyeliner and lip liner
•        Working on Artificial Skin
Day 2:
•        Sanitation part II
•        Preventing Cross Contamination
•        Equipment Sanitation
•        Sterilization Processes and Disposing processes
•        Work Place Safety and Safe Procedures for staff and clients
•        Allergic Reactions- Troubleshooting
•        Healing Process, After Care Instructions and Portfolio Building
•        Color Correction Services
•        How to prevent Pigments Migration
•        Working on Artificial Skin

Day 3:
•        Client Consultation – What to know, what to ask, what to look for?
•        Review Medical Release Form/ Liability
•        Client Expectations vs Possibilities
•        Eyeliner Anesthetics Application
•        Working on Artificial Skin review: eyeliner, eyebrow, lip liner
•        Color Correction and Removal for Eyebrows, Eyeliner, and Lips
•        Permanent Makeup Removal Methods
•        Your time to shine! Hands-on Practical on live model

TUITION: $1890+ tax
(a kit with all the necessary tools, pigments and material for microblading and micropigmentation is included
with the tuition fee).