Eyelash extensions frame & accentuate the eyes adding stunning density to the natural lash &
lasting up to 6 weeks with fill ins. every 4-5 weeks. We specialize in basic and advanced eyelash
extension training. We teach single lashes one eyelash at a time, V lashes, W lashes and Y
lashes. We will show you how to transform lashes into longer, thicker, feather weight and
beautiful, natural looking lashes, as seen worn by various celebrities!

We take our training serious and make sure our students have the time and experience they
need before they work on live models or clients.

We DO NOT believe you can learn proper lash training in just one day or through a DVD, or
in a huge class.

In addition we are one of the few eyelash extension instructors that actually posts a few
of our students first time models....
Please check photos on "Students first model page

That's how sure we are about our training!!! These pictures are not showcasing one of the
instructors work or the best photos of our staff or students work, simply the first model of our

The Lash kit is excellent for beginners & professionals alike. This kit offers all the essential
size lashes & tools to give your clients a fantastic set of eyelash extensions. The products
incorporated into the kit are the most popular standard items.

*proof of previous trainning  required

Eyelash Extension (Advanced Training or Refresher)
Application techniques taught:
Corrections: mistakes others made
-Assessing the problem
-Determining: is the problem real? Can I solve it?

Removals: full or partial
-how to properly remove "only" the lashes you don't want
-using the remover
-using the tweezers

Eyelash Couture: Designing different looks - Natural, Glamour, Cat Eye or Kim Kardashian

-Working with volume: how to apply the single lashes and turning them into doubles, V's, or
Y's, Russian Volume

-Working with length:
a)Natural application and its different possibilities
b)Glamour look from full to bold to "cosmetic eye lift"
c)Cat Eye for Asians
d)Kim Kardashian look from a light version to a Hollywood icon

-Working with color and Swarovski stones:
a) creating a midnight blue
b) creating a South African sun
c) Pink Passion
d)The rising shine
e) 3 looks with Swarovski stones

-Eyebrow extensions
a)designing eyebrows for cancer patients
b)half a set and a full set of eyebrow extensions

be available for 1 full day of training
2 models minimum
payment done at registration
Certification provided
Cost: $399

Or get beginners and advanced for $699
With the basic eyelash extension course you can perform services and perfect your technique
in working with the basic lengths while learning with your instructor the theoretical portion
-hair growth and eyelash cycles
- types of eyelash densities
-health and safety standards
-client intake forms assessments
-types of glues
-Portfolio 101 (photography techniques)
-types of eyelashes: faux mink, siberian mink, cashmere flat lashes, silk lashes and volume lashes
-working with different eyelash extension thicknesses (0.07, .10, .15, .20, .25), -using and
blending different curls (J, B, C, D, L, L+), product knowledge, workspace set up and
pre-service procedures, while mastering the individual eyelash application.

**Included in the basic portion of the class we will talk about suggested pricing, business
launching, marketing strategies, the salon environment, the pros-cons of working: mobile,
from home and at salons, client types and retention and proven social media use for successful
and ethical practices.

What makes us different from other training centers and companies?
I keep in touch. You receive our frequent industry knowledge updates for continuing
* To help with your business
we offer free re touch classes simply bring in your model for a
On-going Support & advice is available at your fingertips by contacting me by email,
phone or coming in to my Studio.
I also provide you with references to help you with your job search and/or with your

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